Automatic Water Distributor (from direct water supply/mains).


A concept which unites ecology and savings:

The MezzoLitro distributor dispenses micro-filtered water bacteriologically pure, and is connected to the mains water supply.


This allows to:

- reduce the heavy environmental impact connected to PET packaging and their transport, now that water can really be a KM zero product: this distributor avoids CO2 emissions

- reduce costs due to transport, packaging, stock, loading of bottles,….



The retrieval area of MezzoLitro is closed and not accessible .

Before each water dispensing a powerful vapour jet sterilizes to 165°C the entire area


The Consumer can:

- use their own water flasks of 0,5lt

-choose by keypad the type of water preferred: natural, sparkling, lightly sparkling

- and the temperature of their water: ambient, fresh, cold.

- payment can be made using the usual payment systems


MezzoLitro offers a service extremely ecological and very convenient in respect to the traditional buying of a bottle of mineral water in PET.

From today the consumer can choose, based on their own sensibilities, how and where to acquire water to quench their thirst.

Technical innovation offers itself in support of environmental sustainability, thus creating an advantage also in terms of affordability and time.

From today water becomes really LIGHT!


Características técnicas Valor
Altura 170 cm
Ancho 53 cm
Profundidad 72 cm
Peso 120 kg