IF THE REFRIGERATOR... doesn't refrigerate:
1. check if the compressor, the fan of the condenser and the internal fans (they are black) work properly;
2. check that the temperature is rightly programmed (around 14°C);
3. if so, the refrigerator may have lost some gas: you should call a refrigerator technician to fill the refrigerator with 320 gr of refrigerant gas R22.

IF nor fans neither compressor work
1. check the 6A fuse

IF the fans turn but the compressor doesn't work
1. check if the contact of relais is properly fixed. Try to jump it to see if the compressor works. If it doesn't..
2. check the wiring of connections

IF on display you read there is a problem with probe..
1. it could be a false contact of the cables of probe and logic board. Very rarely it is a real problem of the probe

IF the internal fans don't work..
1. in the 70% of machines with serial numbers starting with 506xx to 705xx, it may be the hole of the pool for water which is closed. In this case the 2 internal fans could turn in the water and be damaged. You should open the hole and make a diametre of 8mm, and then replace the 2 fans.

IF THE GEARMOTOR of a spiral ...doesn't work:
1. check that the flat cable of the tray is not damaged
2. if this is right, you need to replace the gearmotor

IF no gearmotor of any spiral of any tray works, nevertheless the machine sells...
1. it means that one of the tray's flat cables has a short circuit on the power supply. You should pull out all the flat cables one to one until you find the defective one, which is to be replaced.

1. do not mistake the 2 flat cables with 14PIN: one belongs to the keyboard, the other to the display.
2. after transportation, before switching on the machine, check that flat cable connectors are rightly inserted.
3. check at least once a year the hole of the pool for the water (in the cooling system)
4. replace each 3 years the black box of the relais of refrigerator.