Vending Machine GPE Vendors - Our main products

GPE Vendors is one of the most important companies in the world for the production of "Vending Machines" that is automatic distributors of drinks, coffee, snacks, ice cream and frozen foods. GPE right from the start had the sensibility to understand the new requirements of the "self service food distribution" market, gradually increasing production of automatic distributors even in the small to medium company sectors.

The main objective of GPE, in fact, has always been that to produce ad hoc Vending Machines, following the specific requests of field operators and proposing in worldwide preview technological solutions for better reliability and security in installation locations. From the official launch of the DRX25 in '95 to date, GPE has been occupied in constructing extremely functional automatic distributor machines, ideal for placing in companies, agencies or angles of any dimension.

Today GPE, strong from a consolidated know how, offers a choice of distributors of various dimensions, capacity and type: spiral refrigerated, hot drinks, hot and cold drinks, machines at 3°C, apart from a series of accessories which confirm the great need of functionality. We work with clients attentive to quality, who want to offer an exceptional service with efficient distributors, clients looking for the "green" solution¬† (with low level energy consumption) and with those who appreciate the long standing high reliability of GPE electronics. Our client base covers the 5 continents and our mission is that to treat everyone with care, consistency and professionalism.