Giorgio Peroni, strengthened by a significant training experience in the computer then video games sector, arrived to the vending machine sector in the 90s.  From listening to vending operators Giorgio interpreted the market needs and requests creating a new automatic distributor with dimensions and characteristics that were missing in the vending sector.

From that moment, his mission had always remained the same: continuing to design machines able to satisfy various market needs and meeting the rapid changes of this sector and technology, always listening to what clients are looking for.

For many years his children Alessio and Sabrina have been collaborating with him and follow firsthand the commercial and marketing sector, together with a strong team of competent and valid employees.

The company produces an ample range of models: the highly appreciated refrigerated distributors for vending snacks, drinks and more; the revolutionary machine for ice-cream and frozen goods (which boasts a colaboration with Algida and Nestlé); the new and promising machine for hot drinks, with innovative systems to check ingredients.

On all models the company offers 3 year warranty on electronic components.